Wholesale Cigarettes

Smoking can be a controversial topic but one point all retailers agree upon is that purchasing wholesale cigarettes at the right price can mean big profits for operators of all types of convenience and retail stores. LA Top Distributor offers the most popular brands of cigarettes wholesale at the best possible prices, allowing retailers to maximize their return on this evergreen sales item. We are leading convenience store specialists and a cut above other wholesale cigarette distributors.

As one of the most conscientious convenience store distributors anywhere, we are committed to providing the very best in selection, service and – perhaps most importantly of all – value for all of customers. Selling and purchasing cigarettes wholesale alongside other tobacco products is one of the most important parts of growing sales in a convenience store setting. At the same time, it is a business that has to be handled with great care.

Most importantly, it is absolutely crucial that retailers comply with all local laws relating to tobacco sales and make very certain that they never sell to an underage individual. Of course, that means taking such standard security measures as insisting on identification from all cigarette customers who appear to be under 30 years of age. It also means properly displaying products so that they are not attractive or accessible to minors in any way.

As one of the West coast’s top cigar and cigarette distributors, we are equally adept at handling all types of accounts from all types of retailers. Whether you operate a freestanding convenience or liquor store, a gas station, truck stop, minimarket or any other retail operation interested in selling tobacco products and general merchandise, LA Top Distributor is here to help you with outstanding everyday low prices and first-rate bulk discounts general merchandise, wholesale cigarettes, and other tobacco products.

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Find out why so many retailers swear by us for our strong customer services, outstanding bulk discounts, and great everyday low prices. For additional information about all we have to offer, please call us at 213-624-7224 or contact us online. When it comes to being the very best as general merchandise, cigarette and cigar wholesale distributors, LA Top Distributors is at the very top of its game. Our friendly and professional staff looks forward to hearing from you.