Since 1995, LA Top Distributor has been in the business of providing retailers with the kind of products consumers want to purchase quickly and easily.  We pride ourselves on offering these products at the best prices possible and, whenever possible, we make a point of rewarding our best customers with outstanding bulk discounts.

Our line of products includes cigars, cigarettes, and general merchandise products of all types. Whether customers come into your store seeking their favorite brands of cigarettes or cigars, or if they need batteries to fuel their flashlights or energy drinks to keep themselves fully recharged, LA Top Distributor is here to keep you well stocked and ready to provide your customers with the top quality products they need and want.

Aside from selling an outstanding selection of great products at the most competitive prices we can, LA Top Distributor is also fully committed to offering our customers top quality service. It is an unfortunate fact of life that many larger businesses treat even their regular customers with less than complete attention. Fortunately for our customers, we see things very differently.

We know you need your products to arrive on time and in outstanding condition. We also know that you don’t need to waste time dealing with indifferent customer service that creates needless problems or wastes your time. We’re happy to say that LA Top Distributor has spent decades perfecting its approach to making life easier for retailers.


Helping Convenience Store Retailers Sell Tobacco Products the Right Way

There’s no getting around the fact that cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products are inherently sensitive items that require careful handling. Fortunately, by taking a few simple steps, convenience stores can provide these highly lucrative products in an ethical and responsible manner.

First and foremost, it is crucial to keep these products from being in any way accessible to underage customers. To maintain legal compliance, prevent thefts, and ensure good relations with your community, you must keep these products behind the counter. Of course, you also want to place products in such a way that legitimate adult customers can see your products displayed attractively. We are here to help with these and other important issues faced by convenience store retailers.


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LA Top Distributor is here to provide outstanding tobacco products and general merchandise to all types of convenience stores, gas stations, car washes, truck stops, and other retailers. For further information please call 213-624-7224 or visit our contact page.